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Managment Information Services for the Dairy Industry (MISDI) Print E-mail

MISDI has the following functions available:     Login here

Download Latest Reports & PC DataFiles
Fast turnaround of your Herd Test Results. Reports available
for download immediately following Herd Test data processed.

Animal Enquiry/Listing

Full Details (all lactations / all Test Day Results) available for display
Extensive selection criteria available
Graphical display/comparison of individual cow lactations
Data updated as soon as Herd Test data processed by DairyExpress

Herd Benchmarking

Historic Comparison of your Herd to District Averages for a number
of important profitability indicators
Selection criteria are available for comparison to selected District
and/or selected Herd Size

The MISDI Users Guide   

is a guide to using MISDI
and finding your way around this
new world of information
technology so that you can
manage your business more
effectively than ever before.
Email Dairy Express to obtain
a copy of the guide.